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Hall Pass

Hall Pass

The tastemaker’s access card

I am the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Hall Pass. Hall Pass is a members-only access card to curated, high-end experiences for tastemakers in Los Angeles. We provide tailored recommendations and unparalleled access to get our members behind the velvet rope, with perks beyond the ordinary.

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Kramer Logistics

Expert Electric vehicle Sharing logistics

I am the Co-Founder and CEO of Kramer Logistics, a logistics support company for the world's largest electric vehicle sharing company. Our extensive experience with both internal and field operations has made us the single most experienced operators in the space.

Since our inception, we've actively worked with internal operations teams and warehouses on engineering, repairs, software testing, and government lobbying. While in the field, we've also helped to launch new markets, analyze efficiency of existing markets and deployment zones, and actively deploy more than 10,000 electric vehicles per month, direct to market.

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Throne VIP


I am the Founder and CEO of Throne, an Event Management Platform for Nightlife Venues and a Discovery App for Consumers. We enable Digital Sales and Analytics for Tickets, Drinks, VIP Tables and more.

We've raised millions in funding, and are live across the country.

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Recent Advisory Rolls

The Bridge

E-Commerce Platform for Bespoke Mobile Shopping

The Bridge is an ecommerce platform for localized shopping, in a store that's personalized for each shopper. I helped this company with their business plan and financials, as well as advised the founding team on structuring and fundraising.


Mobile platform for Managing & Discovering Sports leagues & teams

LeaguePop is a mobile platform to help people manage, find, and play in local sports leagues. I helped this company with their business plan and financials, advised on structuring, met with investors to fundraise for the company, and managed the design of the initial product before handing off to developers.