Recommendations: Banking with Simple & American Express

I am pretty picky when it comes to my banking – I want strong accounting features that let me understand what I’m spending money on at a macro level, but also low/no fees, solid app experience, etc. Being a millennial, I am also burdened by a never-ending desire to be “rewarded” for doing normal things (🤪). After a lot of trial and error, I’ve finally found two great recommendation for both Checking (and Savings), and Credit Cards – let’s talk Banking recommendations!

Checking Account – Simple


I absolutely LOVE my Simple account. This is a “branchless” bank, meaning you can’t go to an ATM or teller to do your banking – everything is handled through an app experience. As someone who doesn't deal with cash almost ever, it's the perfect account for me, but you can also use almost any ATM without a fee – the inbuilt map shows you where.

One of my favorite and most used features is the virtual savings accounts, where Simple allows you to either manually or automatically set aside money for bills and plans (like trips, etc.). When you view your balance, you can easily see at a glance how much money you really have available, minus those savings. If you ever over-spend your available balance, it pulls money out of your savings to cover it and lets you know you’ve overspent. Best of all – there’s no fees for going over your balance – ever.

There’s a neat Shared Account features where you can have a second account with a friend/family member which gets its own card and the full features of your normal account. Super handy for shared-saving/spending with partners of any kind.

Deposits are about 3x faster than I have ever seen with any bank, and returns, credits, etc. all appear within a few minutes for me – no more waiting in pending transaction limbo. If there is ever an issue, support is easily available via in-app chat, or via phone call. They make it quick and easy to resolve any issues.

Additional features include push notification to tell you how much a 20% tip is anytime the card is swiped at a restaurant, notifications on every purchase with your remaining balance, a handy little balance counter in an iOS widget, and so much more.

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Credit Card – Delta Reserve American Express

Delta Reserve Amex

I put EVERYTHING POSSIBLE on this card. It was made for loyal Delta travelers – if you're like me and always travel with Delta, then you absolutely can't get better! Here's all the perks: 

• Free companion ticket every year

• Sky Club access (unlimited drinks and food)
• 40K MQMs + 10K SkyMiles for signing up
• 15K MQMs for every $15K of card spend
• 3x Points on Delta travel
• Point Matching for all Lyft rides (!!!)
• 2x Points on Marriott & SPG Hotels
• And Amex Concierge!

Everyone has an opinion on Frequent Flyer cards, but I feel the biggest thing to keep in mind (and honestly, more of a reason to use Delta than any other airline) is that Delta is the only airline that allows Qualifying Dollar Waivers, meaning that just by spending money on the Amex, you can waive the spend requirements to get to airline status levels. This means more upgrades and more comfortable travel. This is HUGE and I love it!!!

You can get extra bonus miles for signing up via my recommendation, so check out the Delta Reserve American Express here :

That’s it for my thoughts – what do you think? Let me know in the comments below: